Compre­hensive group life rein­surance solutions

At Hannover Life Re­assu­rance Company of America, we offer rein­surance solu­tions, product reviews, new product develop­ment and market entry to direct writers, brokers and third party inter­media­ries in the group life insu­rance market. We under­write guaran­teed issue, simpli­fied issue or proof of insura­bility programs. We have the depth of know­ledge and expe­rience to partner with you to develop new products and assist with pricing stra­tegies. We strive to help your organi­zation compete effec­tively in the group life insu­rance market.

Our group life rein­surance solu­tions encom­pass the following:

  • Basic group life
  • Supple­mental group life
  • Volun­tary group life
  • Group uni­versal life
  • Abnormal morta­lity stop loss
  • Credit life/debt cancel­lation covers
  • Mass marketed life insu­rance
  • Waiver of premium buyouts
  • Group life riders: Acci­dental death benefit, acci­dental death and dis­mem­berment, living bene­fits and critical illness
  • Worksite
  • House cases (group life rein­surance for direct writers’ benefits)

Talk directly with Vice Presi­dent – Group Life and Spe­cialty Risk, David Nuss­baum, for more infor­mation on Hannover Life Rein­surance Company of America’s group life solutions.