A scalable, total risk manage­ment solution for long-term care insu­rance hybrid products

As the baby boomers in the U.S. continue to age, there is a growing demand for hybrid long-term care insu­rance (LTCI) pro­ducts that inte­grate with life insu­rance death bene­fits and cash value pro­tection, helping the aging popu­lation cover rising nursing home and health care costs.

LTCI hybrid rein­surance solu­tions for insurers

Hannover Life Re­assu­rance Company of America, in partner­ship with LTCG, offers a first-of-its-kind, scalable, total risk manage­ment solution that includes:

  • Product design assis­tance
  • Under­writing services
  • Claims manage­ment
  • Reinsurance

Partner­ship with LTCG – What they do

LTCG currently admi­nisters over 90% of the out­sourced LTCI market with an opera­tional model that in­cludes front-end processing, in-force admi­nistra­tion, claims and care manage­ment. So you can pick and choose the ser­vices you want to utilize because our LTCI Hybrid solution is com­pletely scalable.

This unique partner­ship com­bines our ac­tuarial and life under­writing exper­tise with LTCG’s adminis­tration profi­ciency to pro­vide you with the total risk manage­ment solution you need to parti­cipate success­fully in this growing market.

Talk directly with our Vice Presi­dent – Marke­ting, Tony Laudato, for more infor­mation on Long-Term Care Insu­rance Hybrid products.