COLI / BOLI rein­surance and under­writing support

Corporate owned and bank owned life insurance (COLI / BOLI) poli­cies insure the finan­cial risks of losing key em­ployees and are a tax-effi­cient method used by em­ployers to fund their em­ployees’ retire­ment plans. Hannover Life Re­assu­rance Company of America has signi­ficant COLI / BOLI exper­tise and is a leading rein­surer in this market, actively par­tici­pating in the majo­rity of rein­surance pools.

Our COLI / BOLI solu­tions help you under­stand and manage your risks while en­suring your organi­zations’ profita­bility. With our vast ex­perience and know­ledge in this market, we wel­come the oppor­tunity to be the lead under­writer for your COLI / BOLI pools.

Talk directly with Senior Vice Presi­dent – Chief Under­writer, Kevin Oldani or our Vice Presi­dent – Actuary, Ben Carson for more infor­mation on our COLI / BOLI rein­surance solutions.